Preset Miners
Obelisk GRN1-Mini
Obelisk GRN1
Obelisk GRN1-Immersion
Innosilicon G32-Mini
Innosilicon G32-500
Innosilicon G32-1800



Graphs Per Second

Network Graphs Per Second

Increase Difficulty

The difficulty will go up by the set percentage every month to give a better estimate assuming that more miners go onto the network overtime.

Include Grin Phasing

Pool Fee (%)

Power Cost (USD $/kW·h)

Power Consumption (W)

Start Date

End Date

Miners Sold
Obelisk GRN1-Mini: 0
Obelisk GRN1: 0
Obelisk GRN1-Immersion: 0
Total Miners: 0 Total Hashrate: 0
Innosilicon does not provide sale numbers

Total Coins:


Total Profit(USD):